Religious and Independent School Schedules

To maximize in-person instruction, we will consider measures that can be implemented to decrease density and congregation in school facilities and on school grounds, when possible, such as:

  • Finding alternative spaces in the community to allow for more in-person instruction;
  • Adjusting class or work hours, where appropriate and possible;
  • Limiting in-person presence to only those staff who are necessary to be at the school during normal school hours;
  • Maintaining or increasing remote workforce (e.g., administrative staff) to accommodate social distancing guidelines;
  • Staggering schedules and allowing more time between classes to reduce congestion in hallways, walkways, and buildings
  • Shifting design of class schedules to accommodate social distancing guidelines, including cohorts (e.g., alternative classroom schedules, full-time in-person learning for younger students, and part-time distance learning for older students).

Information about how school schedule information will be communicated to students, families and staff members is included here and on our website: for SMSA reopening plan.