SMSA Reopening Survey Results

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Summary of Comments:

What concerns do you have about the 2020-2021 school year? 71 responses

Safety and wellbeing of children and staff

Socialization, learning online

My child coming into contact with someone that is COVID(+)

Providing enough in-person instruction. I am also concerned by the possibility of combining classes

How lunch, recess and gym will work

Not enough custodial staff to clean the building effectively

To be sure that all precautionary measures are consistently followed

Online instruction must be live teacher teaching and interacting with students

Camp Kerry, before and after care mixing of cohorts

Kids have to wear masks all day. Loss of connection due to masked facial expression by teacher and classmates

The unknown of whether or not school will be open for in person then closed and have to do online learning

Bringing children from multiple towns into one building during a global pandemic sounds like a bad idea.

Mental health of our children

Will we have church, music, art, and PE online and in person? How will it work?

Academic loss

Worried that safety precautions will take away from the positive experience of education

That there is a virtual option/plan and better communication if we are virtual

and checking in with parents for feedback

If online learning teaching my child and working

Paying for online instruction

Do you feel that your household is equipped with the technology/internet your children need for online learning? Please explain why or why not? 81 responses

39 yes

38 need additional computer

2 need better internet connection

2 responded no we will pull student if online is only option

Is there anything else that you would like us to know about distance learning, technology, or the upcoming school year? 48 Responses

Thank you for all you do. We miss St Mary’s!

I think it’s very important that the teachers on the same page and consider other options as Google classroom continue to have trouble throughout the year.

Kids want to return bc of friends.., if that can’t happen and day is only academic they would be fine at home

My child adapted remarkably well to distance learning. He grew academically, and continued to be challenged. THANK YOU!! His teacher is a wonderful person, and an incredible teacher. I prefer to have my child continue with distance learning for the 20-21 academic year. For our family, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Distance learning is absolutely not our preference. If it is necessary, I would like to see more one-on-one instruction than my child received in the last months of last year.

We want all subjects like there was when school was in person.

Lots of prayers and love for our SMSA family!

We do not feel comfortable sending our child back into school building right now.

I would like to see the kids back in school. But wearing masks all day with no interaction with other children is just not a good learning environment.

I am grateful that the teacher was on her game at the end of the year and was amazing keeping in contact with the kids. Im hoping this year will be the same. Either way we love SMSA and will continue to keep our children in that family!

Distance learning is tough with both parents working. It would not be my first choice. I also feel should we be forced to do distance learning then there should be a reduction in tuition.

Consider giving the families both options because we love the school but we are not will to put our family at risk if there is another way. That includes enrolling in charter school.

Concerned about class size

I am concerned that distance learning will consist of "busy work" instead of "learning work."

I also have concerns that distance learning will negatively impact my ability to work full-time.

From the experience we had last spring, we found that our child really does not like to learn virtually

Please provide digital instruction for NA if we must go remote.

This is a big opportunity to gain new families. If our plan is done right, with the large spacious building, we could gain a lot of new families who are not happy with a hybrid or online learning schedule that I believe will be proposed by public schools. People do not want their children sitting at home all day long on a computer!