Did you Know?

SMSA encourages leadership at a young age.

  • Kindergarteners perform before Noah’s Ark Classes
  • 2nd Grade students are teamed with reading buddies in Noah’s Ark and read to their buddies every week.
  • 5th Grade students are language ambassadors to Noah’s Ark students and twice each month teach their assigned class Spanish and French.
  • 8th Grade students are paired with Kindergarten buddies and sit with them at Friday morning Mass as well as walk them to their classrooms every morning after morning assembly. 8th Graders also:
    • Lead the school assembly in the morning
    • Manage the Kerry Cafe afterschool on Fridays
    • Supervise movie nights for the younger students
    • Bring food pantry items to the church before Mass on Fridays

A Look at non-core classes and parent involvement:

  • Foreign Language Study begins in preschool at SMSA! Did you now that all of our elementary school students divide their school year between study of French and Spanish? This allows students to make informed decisions about their choice of foreign language study one they reach the middle school level.
  • At SMSA, specials are key! All elementary and middle school students receive classes in Art, Music, and Physical Education each week for the duration of the school year. Students interested in playing an instrument can begin taking band lessons in the fourth grade. Self-expression and movement are important for all students!
  • In our new state-of-the-art STREAM Lab (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math) students receive hands on learning opportunities. STREAM lessons are led by our full-time, STREAM certified teacher, Mrs. Michele Mergen. STREAM is a favorite class among our students!
  • SMSA has many competitive sports teams that play throughout the school year. These teams are special because no one gets cut and everyone gets to play. Our teams play other Catholic and Christian schools in the area. It’s fun to watch teammates demonstrate exceptional sportsmanship and support of one another while having a great time together.
  • For families who like to take an active role in the child’s formal education, SMSA is a school where parents and family involvement is appreciated and encouraged. Volunteer opportunities abound at SMSA and we are proud that our families and staff have created a school community that is warm and welcoming.

Parents of our graduates say this about SMSA:

“Enrolling our daughter at SMSA was the best family decision ever made. As a parent, you have the comfort of watching your child thrive academically, socially and in every aspect of life. Even now, in 10th grade at QHS, our daughter thanks us for the true gift of being an SMSA alumni.” Parents of a 10th grade student at Queensbury High School.

“SMSA was always, and still is, like a second home for my children. The amazing SMSA teachers create a loving, caring atmosphere all while teaching them the skills they need to be successful students in high school.” Parents of an 11th and 12th grade student at Queensbury High School.

“SMSA was more than a school for my children. It was an extension of our family. Kind, caring, capable educators combined with amazing learning opportunities, and friendships that will last a lifetime was the best beginning for our children.” Parents of 11th and 12th grade students at Glens Falls High School

“For me, SMSA is more than just a great education. It is grounded in caring, values and faith. It is the solid, well-rounded foundation we wanted for our children.” Parents of 11th and 12th grade student at Glens Falls High School.