2020-2021 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Registration fees are non-refundable.
Priority registration for 2020-21 for current Noah’s Ark students and K-8 families with younger children ready for Noah’s Ark is open until January 30th.
Open enrollment is in place for K-8.
Re-registration deadline for next year’s K-8 families is March 1st.
Re-registration packets for returning students in K-8 will go home at the end of January.

Noah’s Ark Pre-school/Daycare:

One child Full-time: $198/week
One Child Part-time: $47.50/day
Each additional Full-time child receives a 15% tuition discount (10% if Part-time)

Noah’s Ark Fees:

  • Registration: $100 plus one week tuition.
  • Supply fee: $25/semester/child
  • Birthday: $10/child/year
  • Late fee: $10/child every 15 minutes past 5:30 pm. Minimum $10 fee starts at 5:35pm.

Elementary K - 5

One child: $5,000
2nd child: $4750
3 or more children attend SMSA for $650 each

Middle School 6 - 8

One child: $5,200
2nd child $4940
3 or more children attend SMSA for $650 each

K - 8 Fees:

  • Registration $ 100 K-8
  • Book/Activity: $250 first child/$125 additional children
  • Sports (5th-8th only): $100/sport/child
  • Camp Kerry: $25/family with first use every year
    $7.00/hour*- first child $4.00/hour* additional children
    Late fee: $2/min/child past 5:30 pm
    *Charges rounded to the nearest half hour after the first hr.

Service Commitment:

K-8 families: 20 hours of time/family/ year to assist SMSA save or make money through a variety of school approved activities. Families may buy out of the Service Commitment by paying $500. Noah’s Ark family participation is voluntary and appreciated.

Programs to reduce cost:

  • Pay-in-Full Discount
    • $300 savings for K-8 families paying all costs by 5/1/20 (exclusive of registration fees).
    • Applicable to the first two children in the family only.
  • Kindergarten Discount
    • $1,000 savings on Kindergarten tuition if enrolling from Noah’s Ark
    • Applicable to the first two children in the family only.
  • Multiple child discount See savings on reverse.
  • Referral Credit
    • $1,500 tuition credit/family for referring a new family to SMSA in Grades K-8.
    • $500 tuition credit/ family for referring a new family to Noah’s Ark.
    • Both families and parishes are eligible for referral credits. Families receiving the incentive can apply the credit to their tuition, donate the credit to the school, or donate it to their parish.
    • New families must meet SMSA’s usual admissions criteria.
    • Your name must be noted as the referral source on the new student enrollment form.


Families are required to enroll in the FACTS Tuition Management Program. Even if tuition is paid in full by May 1st, all incidental school invoicing (Camp Kerry, Sports etc.) will be invoiced through FACTS.

Each K-8 family is responsible for making timely payments in accordance with the payment plan you select through FACTS Tuition Management Program. More information about FACTS and SMSA’s Tuition Policy can be found on the school’s website under “Tuition and Aid.”

Financial Aid:

  • K-8 families (only) are eligible to apply for financial aid through FACTS Tuition Grant & Aid Assessment Program.
  • Go to www.factsmgt.com to set up a FACTS account, or to log on to an existing account
  • Information about FACTS Tuition Grant & Aid Assessment Program is found on our website, smsaschool.org, under “Tuition and Aid.”
  • There is a fee to apply for financial aid through FACTS ($44.00).
  • Financial aid decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Four sources of funding are available to assist with costs, each with conditions and eligibility requirements. All require a completed FACTS application for the year aid is requested.
    Beacon of Hope and Lally awards are not in addition to any aid awarded by the school.
    • Lally Fund through the Diocese of Albany (Grades 1-8)
    • Beacon of Hope Scholarship through the Diocese of Albany (Grades 1-8) - required paper application is available on the SMSA website under “Tuition and Aid.”
    • SMSA scholarships and/or financial aid (K-8)
    • Guardian Angel Fund through SMSA (K-8)

Summer Enrichment: Information coming soon!

Questions? Please contact us!